Constructions and Fabrication

 (A) Constructions and Fabrication 

1 The FRP shutter shall be panelled door shutter with hollow rails and stiles monolithically cast with panel.

2 The shutter shall be contact moulded i.e. by hand play a process into pieces the process shall consist of laying gelcoat at 1.000gsm/m2 and laid over with 3 layers of FRP mat ( one layer of 300CSM mat and 2 Layers of 450 CSM mat) For each of the web panel portion and four layer of FRP met for lunch Raise and Steels portion (One layer of 300 CSM Matt and three layer of 450 CSM Matt) .While closing the two pieces additional layer of 450 CSM Matt shall be provided in the web portion the CSM met shall be bonded with isophthalic Resin and fillers and additives by  weight . The ages shall be sealed with gelcoat and FRP Matt to Obtain smooth & mat finish. Sufficient Robbins shall be laid in the corners to have a smooth curve while laying the CMS met.

3 -Blocks of exterior grade MDF or seasoned and treated Rubber woor or teakwood of sufficient thickness and length shall be provided inside the shutter at suitable place to hold fittings and fixtures such as aldrop , tower bolt, Handle sliding door bolt mortise locks etc blocks for hinges shall be provided at three locations unless otherwise specified by the purchaser one at the Centre and other two at 200 MM from the top and the bottom of the shutter.

4- Suitable depression shall be made in the profile of shutter at edges we are blocks are provided for headings and concealed mortice locks.

5- The finished surface shall be buffed and polished with wax.

(B )Dimension, Sizes and Tolerance

Dimensions of components and tolerances:-

The finished dimensions and tolerances of the different components of door shutter and doorframes shall be as given in table shown below 

Dimensions and Tolerance of Components of Door Shutters 

SR NO. Description Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
1 Vertical Stile, Top and Freeze rail 100 +_3 30+_1-2
2 Lock Rail 150+_3 30+_1-2
3 Botton Rail 200 to 250+_3 30+_1-2
4 Box Frame 100*65 +_ 3 3 +_0.2

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