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We are leading manufacturer of Unitech FRP doors and frames under the brand name Unitech Unitech Fiber doors are 100% Fibre laminated door which is formed using chemicals so as A to make is light in weight and give it a smooth matte surface finish. Unitech Fiber door is an innovative product which can be used for various applications depending upon the creativity and imagination of the users some of the application or window door frames kitchen and bathroom cabinet wall panel partition etc.

One of the main application of the Unitech FRP doors and trim which an architect and home owner can select a door for virtually any room in a home.

The unbeatable advantage of Unitech upcoming tour hundred percent barter prove weatherproof fire retardant termite proof moisture proof chemical and Steyn resistant light in weight maintenance free Hai durability perfectly designed for stability and versatility.

Unitech FRP doors and frames are specially designed for CPWD/PWD /housing board /LUN applications. The construction material of Unitech FRP doors and frames is hundred percent fire rated and so hundred percent safety from fire and flame.

Providing and fixing 30 MM thick glass fibre reinforced plastic FR p panel door shutter of required colour and approved brand and a manufacture, Make with Fire retardant grade  Unsaturated polyester resin moulded to 3MM (+_0.2 to 0.3mm) thick FRP lemonade for forming hollow real and style style with suitable wooden blocks include at required place for fixing of fitting cast monolithically with 5 mm pick FRP laminate panels and FRP frame of door windows framed in factory and fixed in position made out of 3MM thick fibre glass reinforced plastic FRP of required coloured and shared with Fire retardant grade Unsaturated polyester resin moulded to phone box type frame of size hundred MM by 60 5MM with the necessary MS but hinges& screw fixed to frame & inbuilt 8mm MS Bolt Cast monolithically I/C providing Leaf(Hold Fast) 350 mm long of which 50 mm at one and shall be bent at right angle with 10 mm dia hole,while 100 mm length at other And to be forward and bent at right angle in opposite direction and embedded in CC 1 :3:6 (1 cement :3coarse  sand : 6 graded stone aggregate).

Unitech FRP doors and frames are manufactured adopting selected fire retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin and glass Phiber reinforcement to achieve high mechanical strength and low weight the reinforcement distributed as per structural design recommendations.

Use material in manufacturing of door and door frames listed below 

1 Glass Fibre chopped strand Mat (CMS)

2 Glass fibre roving.

3 Isophthatic resin shall be of fire retardant grade.

4 Catalyst used shall be methyl Ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP)

5 Accelerator used to Shall be cobalt naphthalate .

6-Permissible filters are French chalk powder talc and calcium carbonate.

7 Antimony  trioxide minimum 5% by Weight of isophthalic resin , shall be used for fire retardancy .

8 The filter and additives Content shall not exceed 10% by weight of isophthalic resin.

9- Polly vinyl alcohol and wax shall be used As a mould release agent.

10 Pigment compatible with Isophthalic resin gelcoat will be used to get the shade of finish as mutually agreed between the manufacturer and the purchaser.


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